What sets should I consider getting?

Gateway is an ideal first set, containing all new cards. Then consider purchasing Update 2021 and then Uprising/Downfall/Midnight Sun if you wish to expand your cardpool.

How much is postage?

UK postage is a flat rate of £3- you can buy as many decks as you like and the postage is still only £3.

Postage to Europe is a flat rate of £10.

Will I have to pay import tax outside the UK?

Yes, most probably. This is often around 20% of the order value plus an administrative fee paid by customs (which can be around 8 Euros but varies between countries). We will consider changing our distribution model to send from within the EU in due course to see if this can be avoided.

How quickly will my cards be sent?

We aim to send orders within 3 days of being made but due to being a small organisation, this can sometimes be longer. Postage to the UK is typically via 2nd class post, which takes 3 days. Postage to Europe usually take 1-2 weeks depending on customs. 

If you have not received your cards within a reasonable timeframe, please feel free to seek an update. It can be worth checking with your post office as the majority of returns occur because of parcels not being collected or import tax not being paid (when outside the UK)

Where can I get tokens?g

Any tokens that allow you to differentiate between them are suitable. You could try coins, dice or third-party tokens to keep track of the game. We may sell some cheap tokens in the future.

Who designed these cards?

Null Signal Games (formerly NISEI), which is a organisation dedicated to continuing Netrunner and all cards on this site were created by their team. NSG is a non-profit organisation that relies on fan support to continue making great Netrunner cards. If you would like to support them, you can do so via their Patreon here.

Does Null Signal Games make money from these cards?

Yes- NSG receives some income at the time that we purchased our cards. However, sure that they would appreciate any additional financial suport.

Who manufactured these cards?

The NSG cards were manufactured by Ivory in the UK with 310gsm cardstock. Cards used to be manufactured by Make Playing Cards.